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Professional Training Course

Become an Expert in Adobe InDesign course in Dubai

Our Adobe InDesign course in Dubai provides a Professional training program for individuals who want to excel in the field of publication design and layout. Whether you are a beginner or an experienced professional, our course offers in-depth knowledge and practical skills to create accurate and detailed publications using InDesign software. With both in-person and online training options, you can choose the learning method that suits your schedule and preferences.

Why Orbit Training ?

  • Globally recognized certification
  • Experienced and Certified Trainers
  • Customized Professional Training with Certification
  • Personalized Career Assistance
  • Weekend Class Available
  • Flexible Class Timing


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Graphic Designing

Key points of Training Program

  • Professional training in Adobe InDesign software
  • Suitable for beginners and experienced professionals
  • Professional One to One training available
  • Learn to design and produce high-quality publications
  • Hands-on experience with industry-standard software
  • Experienced instructors with industry expertise
  • Flexible training schedules to accommodate your needs
  • Enhance your publication design and layout skills
  • Boost your career prospects in the publishing industry
  • Certificate upon successful completion of the course

Objective of Adobe InDesign course

The objective of our Adobe InDesign course in Dubai is to equip participants with the necessary skills and knowledge to design and produce professional-grade publications using InDesign software. Through hands-on training and practical exercises, students will learn the essential tools and techniques required for layout, typography, and document production. By the end of the course, participants will be proficient in using InDesign to create accurate and detailed publications that meet industry standards. Whether you aim to pursue a career in graphic design, publishing, or any design-related field, this course will provide you with the necessary foundation to excel in your chosen profession.

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Vocational Training Course

Adobe InDesign Course Program and how it’s going to Execute

Our Adobe InDesign course program is designed to provide participants with a Professional understanding of InDesign software and its applications in publication design and layout. The course will be conducted through a combination of theoretical lessons, practical exercises, and real-world design projects. Participants will learn the fundamental principles of InDesign, including working with pages and panels, managing text, styles and master pages. They will also gain hands-on experience by working on various design projects, allowing them to apply their knowledge in a practical setting. The course will be delivered by experienced instructors with industry expertise, who will guide participants through each step of the learning process. Whether you choose the in-person or online training option, you will receive personalized attention and support to ensure a successful learning experience.

Learnings Path

Learnings Outline

  • Intro to InDesign interface, measurements, rulers and guides.
  • Typography basics like style sheets, formatting and finding fonts.
  • Work with frames, layouts, manage pages and sections.
  • Text and typography advanced features.
  • Arrange objects and manage threads and story editor.
  • Importing, placing and linking images and graphics.
  • Master pages, style sheets, columns and hyphenation.
  • Advanced typographic features like graphics and variable data.
  • Multi-page documents, long document features and book layouts.
  • Data merge and interactive PDF documents features.
  • Print and digital publishing basics.
  • Introduction and Overview of Creative Cloud Libraries.

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Trainer Profile

Our Professional Trainer


Mukesh Raiya

Engineering CAD Software Trainer

11 Years

Infrastructure, Architecture, Structure

Mukesh Raiya

Engineering CAD Software Trainer

11 Years

Infrastructure, Architecture, Structure


Almost 11 Years of experience in the field Training which helps Organizational Development and Executive leadership (of which Training is an integral part) which helps approach training with seriousness and diligence. Have done several workshops in STAAD Pro, Revit, Microsoft Project and Primavera P6, Structure Design, 3D Archi tecture Design for Corporate Sector in UAE and India. I Conducted training for almost 1000+ candidates in Learnovate Training Center and corporate training for various leading companies in UAE. I have done Several Freelancer Projects of companies and the Academic Sector.


Our Classes Schedules

Day Timing Classes Type Class Hour's
Monday 10:00 AM - 12:00 PM Batches 2 Hours
Tuesday 12:00 PM - 02:00 PM Batches 2 Hours
Wednesday 02:00 PM - 04:00 PM Batches 2 Hours
Thrusday 04:00 PM - 06:00 PM Batches 2 Hours
Friday 10:00 PM - 12:00 PM Batches 2 Hours
Saturday 12:00 PM - 02:00 PM Batches 2 Hours
Training Program

Our Best Adobe InDesign Training with Orbit Training Center

Our Adobe InDesign course offers numerous benefits for individuals looking to enhance their skills in publication design and layout. By joining this course, you will gain a competitive edge in the industry and open up new career opportunities. InDesign is widely used in various industries, including publishing, graphic design, and marketing. By mastering this software, you will acquire skills that are in high demand and essential for professional success. With InDesign proficiency, you can expand your career options and pursue roles such as graphic designer, production artist, or publishing coordinator. Many employers value InDesign skills and consider them a prerequisite for hiring in the design field.

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  • Comprehensive curriculum: Cover essential topics like layout, typography, production workflows and more

  • Experienced instructors: Gain insights from industry experts who share their practical knowledge and real-world experience.

  • Flexible learning options: Choose the in-person or online format that fits your schedule and preferences.

  • Convenient class timings: Attend weekday or weekend classes to suit your commitments.

  • Personalized attention: Benefit from small class sizes and individual instructor support.

  • Real-world projects: Apply your acquired skills to practical design challenges and build a portfolio.

  • Affordable fees: Invest in your future with our competitively priced training program.

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Get Comman Question Answers Here and about Our Institute

  • Can I join the InDesign course even if I have no prior experience in design or publishing?:

    Yes, anyone can join the InDesign course regardless of their design or publishing experience. The course is designed for beginners and will teach all the foundational concepts and tools from scratch. No prior experience is required. Even if you have never used InDesign before, by the end of the training you will learn how to professionally layout magazines, brochures, catalogs and other multi-page documents using the industry-standard tools.

  • What is the duration of the InDesign course?

    The duration of the InDesign course is typically 4-6 weeks depending on the schedule and hours. For the part-time evening batch, it will be around 6 weeks with classes 4 days a week from 6pm to 9pm. For the full-time weekday batch, it will be completed in 4 weeks with classes from 9am to 5pm, Monday to Friday. Both formats are flexible and offered regularly based on demand.

  • Will I receive any course material or resources?

    Yes, you will receive a comprehensive set of digital course materials and resources including lesson plans, tutorial PDF guides, video tutorials and practice files. These will help you to learn at your own pace even after the classes. Additionally, all students who complete the training will be provided with a certificate to help boost their resume and career opportunities.

  • Can I access the course materials and resources after completing the training?

    After completing the training, you can access the course materials and resources like lesson PDFs, video tutorials and practice files for up to 6 months. This allows you to reinforce what you learned and as a reference for any InDesign projects. The training materials are digitally delivered and accessible via an online student portal.

  • What are the job prospects after completing the InDesign course?

    Some of the key job prospects after completing the Adobe InDesign course include graphic designer, desktop publisher, pre-press operator, multi-media designer, content creator and many more. Many printing presses, publishing houses, design studios and corporate training companies hire InDesign specialists. It also opens opportunities to work as a freelancer and provide services like brochure design, magazine layout and more to various clients.

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