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Professional Training Course

The future role of frontend developer in Dubai is Driven by data and algorithms.

Dubai's technology sector is in the position of rapid growth thanks to the city decision about the directions of innovation and digital transformations. Almost every business from just a few industries now is able to reach out to an audience of millions thanks to the web and various digital platforms. Thus, the demand for the frontend developers has been growing at a staggering pace. These professionals play a key role in the creative process of lead producing engaging and interactive user experiences that entice the audience to stay longer, build the brand visibility and cultivate customer relationship.

Why Orbit Training ?

  • Globally recognized certification
  • Experienced and Certified Trainers
  • Customized Professional Training with Certification
  • Personalized Career Assistance
  • Weekend Class Available
  • Flexible Class Timing


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HTML Web Development Course

Key points of Training Program

  • Professional front-end training in HTML & CSS
  • Suitable for beginners and experienced users
  • One to One training available
  • Learn essential tools, workflows and techniques
  • Hands-on experience with standard languages
  • Trainers have development/design expertise
  • Flexible weekday or weekend scheduling
  • Boost web skills for IT careers
  • Enhance career prospects in digital industries
  • Earn a certificate of completion

How to Use React or Angular in Dubai

Responding and angular are two of the most satellites JavaScript frameworks which are used for developing simple and scalable interfaces. In Dubai, students taking Advances React Course and Angular Courses will gain hands on skills in creating reusable components, handling the state, implement routing and data fetching, and use the two frameworks efficient to generate react native applications.

Often the baseline step of the courses would include topics, such as architecture component, state management with Redux or NgRx, routing and navigation, form handling, and integration with third-party libraries and/or APIs. Moreover, learners focus on proper testing approaches, resolving issues, and performance enhancement when working with React or Angular. Therefore, they produce recoverable solutions as expected by the industry.

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Vocational Training Course

How is a Responsive Website Build in Dubai

Today's environment that multi-devices are part of, having mobile-ifriendly and responsive websites should be done for delivering the best user experience. Lessons like media queries, fluid grids, and flexible images are utilized to size independently on a wide range of screen sizes or devices in Dubai by students in the web design course.

This educational part includes content like Design for various devices, mobile first theme, detecting user device, and site performance techniques. Practitioners get a practical know-how of building sites and web apps with current tools and processes which are in line with the modern demands due to this diversity. They, thus, are always up to the expectations.

Learnings Path

Learnings Outline

  • Fundamentals of Web Designing
  • Introduction to HTML5 Tags
  • Overview of CSS3 Syntax and Selectors
  • Exploring Responsive Web Design Principles
  • Techniques for Website Planning and Wireframing
  • Mastering Form Creation and Validation in HTML5
  • Implementing CSS Layout with Flexbox
  • Harnessing the Power of CSS Grid for Layout
  • Incorporating Interactive Elements with JavaScript
  • Introduction to Design Frameworks and Methodologies
  • Understanding Version Control Systems for Web Development
  • Exploring Hosting Options for Websites
  • Building a Portfolio: Capstone Project Overview
  • Hands-on Practice: HTML5 and CSS3 Exercises
  • Applying Responsive Design Techniques in Projects
  • Bootstrap
  • JavaScript

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Trainer Profile

Our Professional Trainer


Juraij V U

Computer Coding Trainer

5 Years

Computer Programmer, IT Trainer, Web Developer

Juraij V U

Computer Coding Trainer

5 Years

Computer Programmer, IT Trainer, Web Developer


I am an experienced Computer Coding Educator, committed to teaching the newest programming languages and frameworks from the most recent. I am well versed and expertise in programming languages such as Python, PHP, Laravel, HTML, CSS, and JavaScript both so far as front end and backend technologies are concerned. I have learned these languages deepl, and their practical applications, thus have formulated, and delivers training programs which are tailored to meet specific requirements of individuals and organizations.

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My teaching approach is highly interactive, keeping students in a participative mood through exercises, lectures, and real-world applications that help them to understand the concept essentially. I am proud for my skill to explain tricky ideas instead of unsettling them as well as devotion to build a trustful environment. This way, students would not only acquire the skills essential to modern industries, but also build the communication skills useful for a productive and fulfilling career life. Students from a previous class speaks highly of my skills in breaking down difficult concept into easy to understand parts which makes me a sought-after trainer of developers' community.

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Our Classes Schedules

Day Timing Classes Type Class Hour's
Monday 10:00 AM - 9:00 PM Batches 2 Hours
Tuesday 10:00 AM - 9:00 PM Batches 2 Hours
Thrusday 10:00 AM - 9:00 PM Batches 2 Hours
Friday 10:00 AM - 9:00 PM Batches 2 Hours
Saturday 10:00 AM - 9:00 PM Batches 2 Hours
Sunday 10:00 AM - 9:00 PM Batches 2 Hours
Training Program

Emerging Technologies and What Is the Frontend Development Future

There is a high level of dynamic and wonky trends of front-end development propelled by user needs and fast technology innovations. Keeping on top of the game and adapting swiftly to emerging trends will be sure to tip the scales towards successful competition and successful results in front end development. Some of the most significant trends shaping the future of frontend development include:Some of the most significant trends shaping the future of frontend development include:

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  1. Progressive Web Apps (PWAs): PWAs contain all the advantages of web and native apps simultaneously, which makes it possible to have features such as offline functionalities, push notifications and smooth installation. A finer mix of traditional website and mobile applications occurs through these features making the region between these two entities even more diffused.
  2.  Micro-Frontends: This particular design technique is the frontend codebase decomposition, where a large application is divided up into a constituent 'micro services', that could autonomously be deployed and developed, allowing teams to work in parallel and develop efforts at a higher-performing level.
  3.  Serverless Architecture: Implementing serverless functions and cloud-based services shifts some of the backend tasks to the frontend developer hence the frontend developer can continue portraying the rich UI without the pressure of being burdened with the overhead of managing server infrastructure.
  4.  Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning: AI and ML solutions technology are now being adopted into the frontend development process, making a way for features like intelligent search, chatbots, and personalized use experience, improved overall the process.
  5. Jamstack: This new web programming style is based on JavaScript, APIs, and pre-rendered Markup and can be used to rapidly create web sites that are safe, secured, and very scalable without the need for traditional web servers.
  6. WebAssembly: Using the low level bytecode nature, developers can now incorporate non-JavaScript native code such as C++, Rust, and Go into the web browsers, making the developer environment more conducive for the high performance web apps.
  7. Headless Architecture: Headless architecture, for example, that separates frontend from backend, lets the developers be productive on the sides of the frontend and enables the creation of rich reusable user interfaces that can be integrated with any backend system and delivered across different platforms.

Developers in Dubai can maintain their relevance in innovation scene by staying abreast of these trends and regularly improving themselves. From this superiority over competitors in providing refreshing solutions evolving with user experience which eventually will drive success.

The Academy offers training on HTML and CSS in Dubai to guide and equip you with the essential skills

Fundamental knowledge of HTML and CSS is a prerequisite to build an eye-catching web page and ensure it’s semantic with properly marked up content. The tutorials in Dubai are based on Html Course in Dubai and Css Course in Dubai and offer in-depth training, enriching the learners with the basics, best practices, and hands-on projects to expand and reinforce their understanding, respectively.These classes are, for example, HTML tagging and elements – like



– semantic markup, accessibility considerations (accessible for people with disabilities), CSS selectors, layout techniques (floats, flexbox and grid), typography, animations and responsive design ground principles. Learners acquire fine motor skill in making user friendly and responsive pages based on modern CSS frame work like Bootstrap and Foundation.

Learning of JS from One of the top Cities Globally

JS is such a multifaceted and powerful language speaking for itself in building up the interactive and visual effects on a website. Dubai, the Javascript Course, offers well-comprehensive training that talks about syntax, data structure, DOM manipulation, handing of event and modern JavaScript frameworks as well as libraries.

The courses usually pass through all together with the most fundamental concepts like variables, data types, functions, control flow, and then take it to more advanced topics such as asynchronous programming, closures, prototypes, and ES6+ features. Furthermore, learners develop the knowledge of other convenient libraries and frameworks like React, Angular, or Vue.js to craft applicative features thus obtaining web apps with a rich user interface and the capacity to be scaled.


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