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Get your Professional English Language Training with Us

The course will help students gain proficiency in all aspects of the English language including reading, writing, speaking and listening. Trainers will use communicative methodologies to ensure students learn vocabulary, grammar, pronunciation and real-world expressions. The interactive sessions will focus on building fluency through activities, projects and discussions. Students will also be encouraged to practice English outside class through assignments and online resources.

Why You Join training with Us?

  • Globally recognized certification
  • Experienced and Certified Trainers
  • Customized Professional Training with Certification
  • Personalized Career Assistance
  • Flexible Class Timing
  • Flexible Class Timing
  • Weekend Class Available
Our Program

Training Program

What you will learn with our Professional English Language Program

The goal is to enable students to use English confidently in their academic studies, career and daily life interactions. They will learn to comprehend academic texts and literature, draft various types of written documents, actively participate in group tasks and deliver presentations on subjects of general interest. Regular assessments will track progress and identify areas requiring practice.

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Our Classes Schedules

Day Timing Classes Type Class Hour's
Monday 9AM - 8PM Batches 2 Hrs
Tuesday 9AM - 8PM Batches 2 Hrs
Wednesday 10AM - 8PM Batches 2 Hrs
Thrusday 12PM - 8PM Batches 2 Hrs
Friday 12PM - 8PM Private 2 Hrs
Saturday 2PM - 8PM Batches 2 Hrs
Sunday 4PM - 8PM Batches 2 Hrs
Vocational Training Course

What You Are Going to Study with Our English Language Program

Our English Language Course offers a wide range of benefits and features to help you improve your English proficiency and achieve your language learning goals. Here are some key benefits and features of our course:

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  1. Comprehensive Language Development: Our course is designed to enhance your skills in all areas of the English language, including listening, speaking, reading, and writing. You will receive comprehensive instruction and practice to improve your overall language proficiency.

  2. Experienced Instructors: Our course is taught by experienced and qualified instructors who are dedicated to helping you succeed. They provide expert guidance, personalized feedback, and support throughout your language learning journey.

  3. Interactive Learning Environment: Our course fosters an interactive and engaging learning environment. You will participate in discussions, group activities, and role-plays to actively practice and apply your language skills in real-life situations.

  4. Tailored Curriculum: The course curriculum is carefully designed to meet the specific needs and goals of the participants. Whether you are preparing for exams, improving your business communication skills, or enhancing your general English proficiency, the curriculum can be tailored to suit your individual requirements.

  5. Authentic Materials: We utilize authentic and up-to-date materials, such as articles, videos, audio recordings, and literary texts, to expose you to real-life language usage. This helps develop your understanding of natural language, cultural nuances, and current topics.

  6. Language Practice: Our course provides ample opportunities for language practice. You will engage in conversational activities, role-plays, debates, and presentations to enhance your speaking skills and build fluency and confidence in expressing yourself in English.

  7. Reading and Writing Development: The course focuses on improving your reading and writing skills. You will work with a variety of texts, such as articles, essays, and academic materials, to develop comprehension, vocabulary, and critical thinking abilities. You will also practice writing different types of documents, including essays, reports, and emails, to enhance your written communication skills.

  8. Progress Monitoring and Feedback: We regularly assess your progress through quizzes, assignments, and tests, allowing you to track your improvement. Our instructors provide constructive feedback and guidance to help you identify areas for improvement and refine your language skills.

  9. Flexible Learning Options: We offer flexible learning options, including both in-person and online classes, to accommodate your schedule and preferences. This ensures that you can access quality language instruction conveniently.

  10. Supportive Learning Community: Our course provides a supportive learning community where you can interact with fellow learners, exchange ideas, and practice your language skills. This creates a motivating and collaborative environment that enhances your learning experience.

By enrolling in our English Language Course, you can expect to enhance your language proficiency, gain confidence in using English in various contexts, expand your vocabulary, improve your communication skills, and open up new opportunities for academic, professional, and personal growth.

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Get Comman Question Answers Here and about Our Institute

  • What is covered in an English language course?

    An English language course covers all the essential skills of the language - reading, writing, listening and speaking. The course progresses from basics of grammar, vocabulary and pronunciation to complex structures and real-life usage. Different methods like communicative approach and task-based activities are used to develop practical usage. Regular assignments, projects and assessments help track progress. Courses are tailored according to individual's current proficiency level.

  • Is an English language course necessary to study abroad?

    Having a strong command over English is mandatory for international higher education. Even if the course is in local language, English remains the medium globally. An English proficiency certificate like IELTS or TOEFL is a must for all international admissions.Taking a specialized English training equips students with strong basics and communicative abilities to get admission and succeed in their desired overseas programs.

  • What is the eligibility to join an English course?

    Generally there is no minimum eligibility criteria to join an English language course. Anyone with basic introduction can enroll, including students, professionals and homemakers. However, courses have different levels from beginner to advanced targeting varied abilities. A short placement test helps assess existing skills and accordingly place individuals as per their requirement. Spoken English proficiency is preferable but not mandatory.

  • Are there career services?

    Career guidance since enrolment empowers choosing job-ready programs. Soft skills, CV/interview workshops complement language learning. Tie-ups with MNCs facilitate internships and placements. Alumni network shares global opportunities aiding professional success.

  • What career benefits does proficiency in English offer?

    Mastering English widens career opportunities across diverse fields like banking, IT, tourism, translation, content writing and more. It helps work for multinational companies, handle international clients and business travel overseas. English skills are valued for government jobs and higher education abroad. Proficiency helps get premium positions and faster career growth. Being bi-lingual adds distinct edge in current global market place and economy.

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