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Python Essentials Workshop
Free Workshop
In-House Workshop
10-15 Seats
AutoCAD 2025 Designing Workshop
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10-12 Seats
Web-Development Fundamental Workshop
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8-10 Seats
Electrical Design Essentials Workshop
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Workshop Training Vision

The aim of our workshop is to help professionals upgrade their technical skills with the latest of tools through intensive to-the-core hands-on sessions. Our purpose is to be most preferred training center, cascading a collaborative learning climate that boosts career development and contributes the overall innovation in every industry.

Workshop Training Mission

As our core ambition is to illuminate the participants in workshops that allow the industry professionals to witness the existing technologies and ones that are in the making, it is clear that the technologies do not only shape up the markets, but also create a certain new style that can saturate other technologies as well.

Workshop Training Value

Experts at Orbit can boost your skills and keep you in touch with the latest technical innovations first-hand by participating in technical workshops. Empowered by certified trainers, the programs generate innovations guiding the users to command the latest techniques in areas like engineering, IT, design, etc. through a team effort.

Why you Should Take our Workshops in Orbit Training

  • Industry expert trainers who have actual experience at work.
  • Acute and short courses that deal with rapid absorption of essential skills.
  • Shift hours throughout the span of the day from Monday to Sunday.
  • Class that looks at the latest tools and techniques that are used in the industry.
  • A Versatility of technical aspects intersecting among engineering, IT, design and more
  • Students will learn what number crunching and problem solving involves through examples and simulations.
  • Equally important is the post-training support, as well as, career guidance.
  • Affordable Free and Low fees with options of payments conveniently arranged.
  • Small batch sizes to give attention to each individual.

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Our Workshops in Orbit Training

How You You Will Get Digital Marketing Training With OrbitTraining Center

Orbit Training Center is proud of its unique workshops equipped with the latest machinery featuring the current industry technologies that all professionals from any technical domain can benefit from. These professional programs have been carefully structured in such a manner that they acquire participants, with a fast-paced nature thus they keep them ahead in a fast changing world.
Orbit the engineering professionals which are the complete modules of CAD, BIM, visualization, and Analytical structural. Students are involved in hands-on work with the established software tools like AutoCAD, Revit, Navisworks, 3DSmax, and SketchUp, Lumion, ETABS, and STAAD Pro. The students are able to get first-hand experience on how to model buildings architecturally, collaborate, and render structural analysis through real-time projects coupled with case studies, hence gaining mastery of the necessary skill-set that enhances productivity in the building industry.
The domain of information technology serves the needs of computer programmers, developers, and IT professionals who want to learn new concepts and features by taking part in Orbit's workshops. Curriculum touches upon various fields, such as full-stack web development with React and Node.JS, data science and machine learning with Python, cybersecurity fundamentals, DevOps and cloud computing. Latest IoT solutions are also deal with. The sessions demonstrate the application of the knowledge, where the participants are able to master the designing and operating of the systems and data manipulation, among other things.
Orbit brings to the design industry wide range of workshops that focus on the latest in the Adobe Creative Cloud tools and techniques that make the designers’ work to excel. During this workshop, participants engage in making graphics, UI/UX using Adobe XD, motion graphics with After Effect and video editing with Premiere Pro. These workshops spark creativity, problem solving abilities and a deeper knowledge of the design principles; hence, professionals can become the masters in crafting appealing visuals and vivid multimedia creations.
In Orbit's workshops, tutors are the experienced professionals from the industry, so that students receive not only theoretical education, but also practical knowledge and experience. They come in a variety of ways, such as intensive bootcamps and part-time evening or weekend sessions, allowing working professionals to adjust to these programs based on their availability. Orbits innovative infrastructure, offerring modern computer labs, design studios, and classrooms, helps create a engaged and learning centered atmosphere.
At the end of the workshops, project-working students receive verifiable certificates and can get access to all other Orbit knowledge resources, professional networking, and post-training assistance and career support services. These workshops are becoming more and more innovative, since a constant need to respond to industries' demands is being observed; however, the competitiveness of professionals and their potential to successfully address the challenges of tomorrow is being ensured.


Get Comman Question Answers Here and about Our Institute

  • What types of workshops are offered at Orbit Training?

    Training Orbit provides ample technical classes for specialized domains such as engineering, IT, design etc. In a typical engineering training, the participants are equipped with different design tools like AutoCAD for drafting, Revit for BIM modeling, Navisworks for coordination, and 3DS Max for visualization. Besides that, they arrange the workshops on analytical tools such as ETABS, StaadPro. IT sector is not an exception and they organize web development, data science, cybersecurity, cloud computing classes in this region. Their design workshops focus on adobe tools like Photoshop, Illustrator, Premiere Pro, After Effects. They then carry out soft skill seminars such as communication, time management and personality development.

  • How long do the workshops last?

    Through various training styles Orbit Training Center will be able to provide Student a learning method that complies with their needs as professionals. With free sessions of max 6 hours within one-day workshops combined with covering multiple technical topics. The workshops can be either for part-time or full-time work, and there are also intensive form options available. On Saturdays and Sundays, the classes can could be 4-5 sessions, and they include 6 hours of direct instruction in multiple sessions. Intermediate training seeks to close knowledge gaps: intensive bootcamps are from 1 to 4 days long, full-day sessions which last for 5-6 hours, all of them are immersive. Knowledge workshops normally take 3-5 days for participants to delve deep into subjects like AutoCAD, web development, data science, design tools, and many more. To cultivate your intellectual potential and practical skills, each workshop has specific length for you to provide a room for project and hands-on application.

  • What is the typical workshop fee structure?

    Orbit Training Center provides professionals with a flexible range of technical workshops to enhance their skills. Free introductory courses held on weekends allow participants to explore various domains. Paid workshops cater to working professionals, with part-time evening/weekend programs ranging from AED 250-600 covering topics like AutoCAD, web development, and Adobe Creative Cloud. For more comprehensive training, intensive bootcamps spanning several days/weeks are available starting from AED 250 up to AED 600 for advanced courses like BIM, structural analysis, and data science with Python. Early bird discounts and combo packages offer better pricing, while convenient payment options include cash, online banking, and credit cards.

  • How do I register and enroll for a workshop?

    One can register for their desired workshop by browsing through the list of upcoming workshops available on the website of Orbit Training. They need to click on 'Enroll Now' button of the selected batch and fill in the online registration form providing their details. Once registered, they need to make the full or initial payment as per the selected payment plan to confirm enrollment. Seats are limited and allotted on first come first serve basis.

  • What is the workshop certification process?

    Right after the workout, Orbit presents the participants with a certificate accomplishing all of the modules and assignments included. To become a certificate holder, one must fulfil the attendance requirements which is at least 80% and perform equally well in both internal & final assessments. The progress of each athlete is followed through developing a series of periodic assessments. The gracduation will entitle the award to add to their professional resumes/profiles. Certifications have the benefit of being universally recognized and promoting people to greater level.

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