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Features of Corporate Training Program with

Orbit Corporate Training Program

  • Customized and needs-based curriculum design
  • Blended learning approach combining various delivery methods
  • Courses led by highly experienced industry professionals
  • The Digital Marketing Specialist course from Orbit Training Center
  • Ongoing coaching and performance support after training
  • Quantitative measurement of impact on productivity and KPIs
  • Strategic partnerships for global certifications and credentials
  • Intellectually property protection of sensitive content
  • Competitive pricing and volume discounts for large-scale programs


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Corporate Training Vision

To become the most trusted partner and preferred training provider for companies in Dubai, helping them gain competitive advantage by developing a highly-skilled workforce. We envision developing a center of excellence recognized for developing talent and transforming careers with world-class training solutions.

Corporate Training Mission

To empower employees with in-demand technical and professional skills through practical, project-based training programs delivered by expert instructors. We aim to enhance performance, boost careers and drive business success for organizations in Dubai and beyond.

Corporate Training Values

We are committed to providing a supportive learning environment, innovative curriculum, and high-quality instruction to help learners achieve their goals. Our values include excellence, collaboration, continuous improvement, and developing well-rounded professionals through practical, industry-oriented training.

How We Will Work with Corporate training in UAE

Orbit Training Center fully understands that a truly efficient company always depends on its workers being prepared and knowledgeable, while at the same time being able to develop and grow with the business. Which is to say, we provide corporate training programs that are top quality and come tailored to meet the unique needs of your company. Such programs are centered on advancing the skills of your employees, and this results in the success of your business.

Our Approach to Corporate Training:Our Approach to Corporate Training:

Needs Analysis: We start with a chornological examination of optimum training requirements , locating areas of weaknesses, and understanding your organization's business goals.

Customized Solutions: Subject matter experts on our team create your targeted training courses that meet your specific needs taking into consideration your company requirements in order to achieve the best efficiency and expected outcomes.

Flexible Delivery: We provide flexible training delivery options to include the on-site/off-site and online configuration that can be utilized in accordance to your organization’s convenient and economical arrangement.

Experienced Trainers: Our training personnel are the tradesmen who are experts in their areas of endeavor; therefore, your employees can earn the knowledge they need from our subject matter experts.

Continuous Support: We do not only offer continuous mentoring but also we will periodically check in to minimize the probability of skill being lost.

Our Corporate Training Programs:

Orbit Training is where your organization will access our broad array of purposeful corporate training programs that satisfy the flexible customer demands. 

Technical Skills Training: Coding, Web development, cyber security, data science and many other.

Professional Development: Project Management, Financial Management, Organizational Development, Business Analysis, Leadership, Communication and Interpersonal Skills.

Industry-Specific Training: These include Finance, Healthcare; Retail, Manufacturing, and others much more.

Compliance and Regulatory Training: ISO, GDPR, Health and Safety, but also other spacific regulations.

What makes the Employment Division?

Customized Solutions: We customize our training to ensure that the content of our program fits your organization's expectations.

Experienced Trainers: Our trainers are cream of the crop with theoretical knowledge and hands-on experience that cuts any edge.

Flexible Delivery: When it comes to the mode of the training, you will have a choice of the on-site, off-site or an online option to match your taste.

Continuous Support: Besides our training, the work will continue with a focus on knowledge transfer and long-term results.

Measurable Results: With our training programs the aim is putting an end to the latest examples of employees' participation and overall organization's productivity.

At Orbit Training Center, we thrive to assist your organization to unlock the maximal performance of productivity by placing your most valuable employee asset – your workforce as a first priority. Feel free to contact us right now to inquire about your training needs and to explore what exactly on tailored corporate training might do in order to get your business rolling up.


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  • What types of corporate training programs are offered?

    Orbit Training Center offers a wide range of corporate training programs tailored for different industries including potential architecture, technology, graphic design, management and soft skills. One of the most popular programs is REVIT, AutoCAD, Solidworks, software development, digital marketing, project management and leadership training. Set of courses are designed in line with your company needs and objectives.

  • How are training programs customized?

    The Orbit workforce trainers will undertake a needs assessment workshop to gain an understanding of your organization's objectives, its workflows and the necessary skills your employees need. This enable designing a demand specific curriculum that utilizes the most effective method of mixed learning approach. Cases studies and practical experience are dealt with. Practical experience is added, through coaching, the application of learning concepts to the workplace.

  • What are the benefits of corporate training?

    Professional development by Orbit is aimed at increasing performance and work efficiency as well as staff career progress. It ensures business continuity and the success of businesses by supporting the development of a future-oriented workforce with relevant skills. Nevertheless, the benefits include increased KPIs, decreased operational costs, better customer satisfaction, higher employment rate and increased profitability. Further certificates may be awarded to recognize the skills mastered.

  • How long do programs typically last?

    For the most part, the majority of corporate training time ranges from 1 to 5 days when considering each module and learning goals. Also, the period can be adjusted to conform with your specifications. Extensive trainings that spread for 2-4 weeks divided into part-time sessions to reduce the risk of disruption of work schedule. As well Refresher workshops are planned periodically for skills to enhance.

  • What is the training methodology used?

    The implied learning method, which combines teaching and practical classes, classroom sessions, online self-pace modules, videos, webinars, assignments, case studies and on-site coaching and mentoring. It is the interactive way of transferring the information that makes the employees feel involved and provides them with the opportunity to use the learned content directly at their workplace. Professional trainers employ customized instructional deployments to provide engaging training.

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