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Get your Professional Sales Training with Us

This intensive sales training program is designed to equip sales professionals with the core competencies and mindsets required to excel in their role in Dubai's fast-paced business environment. Participants will learn effective sales techniques, latest prospecting strategies, mastering objections and negotiations that are most relevant for the Middle Eastern markets. The facilitators have extensive experience training corporate and SME teams across industries in the UAE.

Why You Join training with Us?

  • Globally recognized certification
  • Experienced and Certified Trainers
  • Customized Professional Training with Certification
  • Personalized Career Assistance
  • Flexible Class Timing
  • Weekend Class Available

Key Points Of Training Program

  • Tailored for professionals seeking to boost their performance in the UAE business environment
  • 15 hours intensive and immersive training covering all aspects of the sales cycle
  • Learn consultative needs-based selling techniques effective in the Middle Eastern cultural context
  • Gain insights into Dubai's business landscape, decision makers across sectors and prospect preferences
  • Master networking, stakeholder engagement, qualifying prospects and overcoming objections skills
  • Master networking, stakeholder engagement, qualifying prospects and overcoming objections skills
  • Improve communication and relationship management abilities adhering to local nuances
Our Program

Training Program

What you will learn with our Professional Sales Training Program

The key objectives of this course are to help sales professionals to analyze the dynamics and nuances of the Dubai sales landscape, improve their communication, networking and relationship building skills as per regional customs and culture, gain a comprehensive understanding of the decision making processes in the corporate sector as well as amongst HNIs. The course also aims to enhance delegates' ability to engage prospects, qualified leads effectively and close more deals through a consultative needs-based approach.

How To Become Professional In Your Desire Skills

  • 1 Learn All Practical Sales Skills
  • 2 Generate a Portfolio of Sales and Build Strategy
  • 3 Implementation of Sales Strategy and Tools
  • Become A Professional Sales Expert

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Our Classes Schedules

Day Timing Classes Type Class Hour's
Monday 9AM - 8PM Batches 2 Hrs
Tuesday 9AM - 8PM Batches 2 Hrs
Wednesday 9AM - 8PM Batches 2 Hrs
Thrusday 9AM - 8PM Batches 2 Hrs
Friday 12PM - 8PM Private 2 Hrs
Saturday 2PM - 8PM Private 2 Hrs
Sunday 4PM - 8PM Batches 2 Hrs
Vocational Training Course

What you are going to Study with Our Sales Training Program at Orbit Training Center

The Professional Sales Training in Dubai is a 3-day intensive programme divided into modules covering all aspects of the sales process. Participants will gain insights into identifying hot prospects, qualifying leads and leveraging referral networks. The training highlights consultation selling methods, need-based presentations tailored for B2B and B2C clients. Importance is given to negotiating strategies, overcoming resistance through effective questioning and reaching agreements. Participants will practice sales calls under expert guidance.

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Benefits and Features:

  • Practical learning approach with simulations and role plays
  • Customized coaching and feedback from industry experts
  • Comprehensive curriculum covering all aspects of modern B2B and B2C sales
  • Exposure to leading practices through field visits and networking
  • Post-training support including placement assistance and refresher workshops
  • Certificate from a recognized training institute
  • Alumni access to a mentorship program and resources
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Get Comman Question Answers Here and about Our Institute

  • What are the key benefits of attending a sales training course?

    Attending a formal sales training course provides numerous benefits for both entry-level and experienced sales professionals. A training program taught by experienced sales experts can help individuals hone their selling skills in areas like prospecting, cold calling, product knowledge, negotiating, overcoming objections, and closing. It also allows attendees to learn proven sales techniques and strategies through interactive workshops androle plays that can immediately be applied on the job. The networking opportunities with other salespeople can also help professionals expand their business networks and gain fresh selling perspectives. Overall, a high-quality sales training course proves highly valuable for those wanting to maximize their sales performance and career advancement in Dubai's competitive business landscape.

  • What topics are generally covered in a sales training program?

    Most sales training programs provide a comprehensive overview of fundamental selling skills. Common topics covered include identifying sales opportunities through social networking and online research, effective phone and in-person prospecting, persuasive communication techniques, questioning methods to understand customer needs, delivering compelling product or service presentations, handling objections and competitor comparisons confidently, negotiating win-win agreements, and following up on leads for higher closing rates. Courses also focus on time and territory management, consultative selling approaches, creating accurate sales forecasts and reports, utilizing CRM tools, and networking for referrals. Understanding customer psychology and buying behaviors is also emphasized to help professionals seal more deals.

  • Who should consider sales training?

    Sales training is highly recommended for professionals at any stage of their career as the industry and customer expectations are continuously evolving. For new hires and entry-level sellers, foundational training accelerates ramp-up time to productivity. It allows experienced individual contributors looking to strengthen existing skills or transition into management. Sales leaders also benefit by refreshing approaches and equipping teams through cascaded training. Even veterans can stay sharp on current trends through advanced continuous learning programs. Training also aids those switching to selling after careers in other functions or industries, or entrepreneurs wanting to launch new business models. Finally, general managers seeking to boost revenue also learn how to coach and incentivize sales teams more effectively through training interventions.

  • What qualities should a good sales trainer possess?

    An outstanding sales trainer needs to be more than just a subject matter expert - they must have proven experience coaching high-performing teams as well. Key traits include natural public speaking abilities to engage learners, personable communication style to motivate individuals, analytical thinking to identify gaps, hands-on industry exposure to share real-world examples, ability to adapt training to different experience levels and personality types. Certified trainers also stay updated on evolving selling methodologies and technology tools through continuous skill development. Most importantly, they lead by example with a winning attitude, obsessive customer focus, resilience during tough sales cycles and mentoring philosophies that transform careers. Hiring such committed trainers ensures attendees gain maximum long-term value from any sales upskilling program in Dubai.

  • What is involved in customizing sales training for a company?

    Designing an in-house customized sales training program tailored to a company's specific product line, selling environment or goals requires a thorough needs analysis initially. This involves understanding current performance metrics, conducting employee interviews and feedback surveys, assessing skills gaps through testing. The trainer then crafts training objectives, tailors content to address priorities through audience profile research, industry best practices and leadership guidance. Training is segmented into modules focusing on unique selling situations, key topics, and delivered through appropriate modes. Evaluation criteria tied to measurable business outcomes are decided upon and continuous monitoring ensures relevance. Trainer support post-course, refresher sessions, incentive structures to reinforce takeaways complete the training ecosystem for optimizing long-term ROI from people investment in Dubai.

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